Need a copy of your results? Need to send it to your Physio or Dietitian?
There’s a much quicker way than asking us. It’s the My Health Record app.
Pathology and imaging companies are now uploading your reports to YOUR My Health Record. You can see them 7 days after your GP has seen them and email them on to whomever you need, all from your phone. So VERY handy for you and them.

No need to email the nurse. No need to call the receptionist who puts you through to the nurse or sends her a message and you wait for her to call you back. YOU can see them and YOU can share them because it is YOUR Health Record.

Our practice is transitioning to this secure source for results for ALL results for our patients. We know there have been large cyber incidences for some major companies, but the My Health Record is a lot safer than sending your medical reports via email.