Period Problems?

Oh the life of a girl! As if there is not enough to throw our lives in disarray … and then we get a period!! Bloating, pain, clothing malfunctions … and endless trips to the loo. We start having periods sometimes as young as 8 years old and be still going into our mid 50s!

Many of us put up with a lot of symptoms just because its always been like that for us. Studies show that even when period symptoms are significantly impacting on our lives up to 20% of us never even talk about it to anyone! Let alone talk about it with our GP. 

Have you ever thought how easy life might be if your period was easier to manage? 

Australian women of all ages are increasingly choosing some of the newer long acting contraceptives not just for contraception but for the personal freedom they offer through a reduction in menstrual flow and associated symptoms.

Did you know women experience 90% reduction in menstrual flow after a Mirena IUD insertion? And 3 out of 4 women after an Implanon Implant insertion have their period pain completely resolved!

If these new devices don’t appeal to you there are also strategies we can discuss that might make managing your periods much easier on or off the pill.

Come and talk to our experienced doctors about all things period related and we can help find a solution that best suits you. We have doctors who are highly experienced in Womens Health and Mirena IUD and Implanon insertions